Our range of cast stone products have found favour with both designers and end users alike, as a high quality facing material which looks good and performs well at a realistic cost. This special form of concrete calls for skill, care and the application of technology when making our products. The colour and texture of most stones can now be matched using crushed rock fines and/or carefully selected and graded natural sands, usually mixed with white cement.

As manufacturers of less costly alternatives to quarried stone, we use natural mineral aggregates with a cementitious binder to achieve a similar shade to the quarried stone which we are matching. The semi-dry process sometimes uses colour fast pigments to change the colour of the aggregates, and offers a range of colour options not available in quarried stone. The wet-cast process seldom uses pigments, because the smoother the surface, the more sensitive it is to very small changes in colour. The colour of our wet-cast products is produced by choosing an aggregate with the appropriate inherent colour.

The images below offer an overview of our standard colour ranges that are supplied through both the wet-cast and semi-dry processes. Please bear in mind that they are supplied purely for illustration purposes only. Should you require a specific colour for your project we would strongly recommend that you contact us in order to supply you with a physical sample for consideration.




Natural Grey
Light Buff Buff Old Bath York Red



 Natural Grey  Gwent Minster  Yorkstone  Nostell Old Bath  Nunswick



A choice of surface finishing techniques can be used during the cast stone process to achieve a variety of surface finishes to our products. The colour and texture of the cast stone face will need to be established prior to ordering, particularly where very smooth surfaces are being considered, as the type of finish will significantly influence the overall appearance. Unless otherwise specified, our standard surface finish exhibits a texture similar to quarried stone.

Simulated Tooled Finished

Highly detailed designs can be achieved by taking mould plates from natural stone masters. The semi-dry process also allows a limited amount of post production reworking using traditional tools and methods.



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