Band, Plinth & String Courses

Band and string courses can be used to break up the façade to an elevation, with plinth blocks being used as a decorative feature around the base of a building. Our range includes square plinth blocks, weathered or chamfered, all of which can be cast as an Ashlar block.


Band Blocks


String Blocks

Ref Height Width Length Weight  
Ref Height Width Length Weight
BCA 65mm 100 or 120mm >890mm 16kg   CSA 65mm 120 or 140mm >890mm 19kg
BCB 140mm 100 or 120mm >890mm 35kg   CSB 140mm 120 or 140mm >890mm 41kg
BCC 215mm 100 or 120mm >890mm 53kg   CSC 215mm 120 or 140mm >890mm 63kg
BCD 290mm 100 or 120mm >890mm 64kg   CSD 290mm 120 or 140mm >890mm 85kg


Plinth Blocks


Chamfered Plinth Blocks

Ref Height Width Length Weight  
Ref Height Width Length Weight
MPB 140mm 150mm >890mm 47kg   SPB 140mm 150mm (30 or 50mm chamfer) >890mm 45kg
MPC 215mm 150mm >890mm 73kg   SPC 215mm 150mm (30 or 50mm chamfer) >890mm 70kg



  1. Units can be scheduled and cast to suit your wall lengths, bonding patterns and phase construction plans.
  2. Angled units (either vertical or right angled returns) are available on request.
  3. Consideration should be given to unit weight when specifying.
  4. Other profiles and sections can be produced on request.
  5. Units can be made with chamfers on top and bottom face if required.


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