The table below shows details of our standard Flat, Once-Weathered and Twice-Weathered copings. If a coping other than those shown below is required, please contact one of our technical estimators for advice and guidance specific to your individual needs.


Ref Length Thickness Width Weight
FTC305 600mm 50mm 305mm 24kg
FTC356 600mm 50mm 356mm 28kg
FTC400 600mm 50mm 400mm 32kg
FTC450 600mm 50mm 450mm 36kg


Once-Weathered Copings


Twice-Weathered Copings

Ref Length Thickness 1
Thickness 2 Width Weight   Ref Length Thickness 1 Thickness 2 Width Weight
OWC305 600mm 50mm 75mm 305mm 37kg   TWC305 600mm 50mm 75mm 305mm 37kg
OWC356 600mm 50mm 75mm 356mm 43kg   TWC356 600mm 50mm 75mm 356mm 43kg
OWC400 600mm 50mm 75mm 400mm 48kg   TWC400 600mm 50mm 75mm 400mm 48kg
OWC450 600mm 50mm 75mm 456mm 55kg   TWC450 600mm 50mm 75mm 456mm 55kg

Coping notes:

  1. Our technical team will determine the length of each coping profile, which will be confirmed at quotation based on your requirements. Any variation will need to be agreed prior to the process of manufacture.
  2. Once and twice-weathered copings are also available in both internal and external return profiles.
  3. Large section copings are cast with handling reinforcement
  4. Angled returns are available in all profiles
  5. Alternative lengths, widths and profiles can be designed to specific requirements.


Chimney Copings

Square types and a moulded type coping which are cast in sections can be made to suit any stack size. Both copings require the formation of a weather back to the flue.

Chimney Copings

Ref Length Height Width Weight
CCSTD >895mm 100mm 100mm 32kg
CCTRAD >895mm 115mm 215mm 52kg


Pedestals and Spheres

As part of a ‘finial set’ we offer two different size pedestals that can be used to raise a sphere off a pier cap; the two pedestals are 230mm and 340mm square respectively. Spheres, along with a pedestal or as part of a finial set are offered in the following sizes: 215mm, 230mm, 340mm and 450mm diameters.

Any of our four-times weathered pier caps can be adapted to allow the incorporation of a sphere with or without a pedestal.


Ref Diameter


SPH215 215mm 14kg
SPH230 230mm 16kg
SPH340 340mm 43kg
SPH450 450mm 99kg


Pier Caps

Flat and Four-times weathered pier caps are available to suit most masonry built piers. A number of these caps can also be cast with a moulding detail or recess to take a sphere. Should you require specific information please contact one of our technical estimators who are all on hand to offer assistance.

Pier Caps

Cap ref Nominal cap size (W/L) Height 1 Height 2 Weight
1 305mm 50mm 75mm 15kg
1 305mm 50mm 125mm 24kg
2 420mm 50mm 75mm 28kg
2 420mm 50mm 125mm 46kg
3 530mm 50mm 75mm 44kg
3 530mm 50mm 125mm 74kg
4 675mm 50mm 75mm 73kg
4 675mm 50mm 125mm 80kg
5 690mm 50mm 75mm 73kg
5 690mm 90mm 125mm 90kg
6 765mm 50mm 125mm 154kg

 Cap notes:

  1. Pier caps require an overhang and will be cast with a drip.
  2. The cap size is determined by the masonry pier onto which the cap is to be set.
  3. Any of our pier caps can be supplied to incorporate a sphere.
  4. Fixing dowels are supplied with spheres.
  5. Other profiles and heights of pier caps are available on request.






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