Decorative Features


Feature plaques showing text, numbers, branding or a combination of all can be produced. We would add that due to casting restraints, the style and size of textual information would determine the size of the casting. When considering a feature plaque, our technical estimators would require such information to enable the correct size of unit to be supplied.

Date Stones

Standard date stones are cast in a 440mm x 215mm x 100mm block showing the current or any year required. Other sizes and shapes are available to suit your requirements.

Ref Height Width Weight
Date Stone 215mm 100mm 19kg


Our range of splayed, radiused and scalloped corbels are available with different splays and mouldings and in various bed sizes, which can be cast to suit all masonry finishes. Corbels can be cast handed, with ties and rebates for table coping.

Kneeler Blocks/Tabling

Special units for roofing features such as kneeler blocks and apex stones, including the tabling between, can be produced to any profile as the widths of tabling can be varied to suit cavity walls. In all cases, we strongly recommend discussing your needs with our technical estimating teams who are on hand to aid you to make the right choice.

Gable Vents

Our range of gauged gable vents have been designed to suit all brick coursing, and come either with or without a void should you require a practical or cosmetic design solution to your façade,

Ref Width Height Depth Weight
GV1OPEN 327mm 590mm 100mm 41kg
GV1CLOSED 327mm 590mm 100mm 41kg
GV2CLOSED 215mm 440mm 100mm 20kg
GV3OPEN 327mm 590mm 145mm



Keystones can be used in conjunction with any lintel type, in a variety of sizes, and can include motifs, letters and numerals. Cosmetic or ‘clip-on’ keystones can be added to give the appearance of a joined, three piece lintel without incurring the installation cost of such a feature.

Plain Keystone

Ref Height  Width Weight
PK1 290mm 120mm 24kg
PK2 215mm 120mm 18kg
PK3 215mm 100mm 15kg

Chamfered Keystone

Ref Height Width Weight
CK1 290mm 100mm or 200mm 28kg
CK2 290mm 100mm or 200mm 22kg

Cosmetic Type Keystone

Ref Height Width Weight
LK1 290mm 40mm or 90mm 7kg


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