Heads and Lintels

Our heads are cast as non-structural decorative features to enhance the visual appearance of your building project. Heads can be cast with the following features in any combination: splayed, chamfered, with keystones. Although heads are supplied as self-supporting and non-structural, we can, upon agreement, cast structural units if advised of a suitable reinforcing schedule by a competent engineer.

We also cast bespoke heads such as arched, keystone and radial, with the facility to embellish the lintels with motifs and scrolling. Advice on these or any such products can be obtained from any one of our technical estimators.


Bed Width Height Length (max) Weight (kg per lm)
100mm 140mm 1500mm 30
100mm 215mm 2400mm 45
100mm 290mm 2800mm 60
125mm 140mm 1800mm 37
125mm 215mm 2400mm 59
125mm 290mm 2800mm 75
150mm 140mm 2100mm 45
150mm 215mm 2400mm 67
150mm 290mm 2800mm 90
215mm 140mm 2100mm 61
215mm 215mm 2700mm 93
215mm 290mm 2700mm 126


Our head and lintel range options include, but are not limited to:

  1. Plain
  2. Chamfered
  3. Splayed
  4. Chamfered with flush keystone
  5. Three-part splayed with projecting keystone
  6. Keystone
  7. Mounted keystone



  1. We recommend the use of suitable cavity tray type DPCs.
  2. The bearing allowed for will unless instructed otherwise, be determined by our experienced staff and supplied at quotation.
  3. Allowances should be made for 150mm or 215mm bearing depending on the span of the section.
  4. All heads will be cast with a faced soffit.
  5. With exclusion of designed structural heads, a suitable supporting lintel must be used.
  6. When needed, we can use a cast-in lifting system for works and site handling upon request.
  7. Arched heads can be produced in sections or in one piece depending on profile and size.
  8. Heads can be cast in a variety of bed sizes to suit your own masonry finish requirements.
  9. For head heights over and above 290mm, contact any one of our technical sales team for specific advice.
  10. For handling purposes, heads are cast with a mild steel high yield reinforcement bar. We can use stainless steel bar if required, which will be subject to added cost and consideration.
  11. The overall length of splayed heads is equivalent to the soffit length plus the splay.
  12. Dimensional details of projections or heights of keystones are available upon request.


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